Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Husband's First Time

Yes, that's right. My husband had never done it before. He was nervous, but I assured him it would be fun and he'd like it. I, being the more experienced one, couldn't wait. It had been so long since I last did it and I knew I wouldn't have enough time during the week. So, I am happy to announce, last Sunday...we carved pumpkins!

(Haha, you people have sick minds if you thought I was referring to anything else...)

And, yes, now that you know what I'm talking about, it's true, my husband never did it. He grew up painting pumpkins, or not decorating at all because my mother-in-law hates Halloween. She goes to Aruba every year to avoid it, actually. I don't blame her, I guess. It's not for some anti-pagan reason or anything like that; her birthday is a couple of weeks before and, growing up, she always had Halloween-themed birthday parties.

Anyway, we went down to my the farm by my grandparent's house because I wanted to pick our own and pay three times what we would pay at the grocery store--it was the one splurge I can recall when I didn't run around looking for the best deal in town.

When we brought them home, he got right to work, breaking two of the pumpkin carving knives trying to cut open the top...then he read the instructions that say not to do that. After scooping out the innards for a good half hour, we used the stencils my mom saved (from 1991!) and gave us. He used painter's tape to hold his on, and by the time I was done, I remembered I had spray adhesive, which worked wonderfully!

Oh, and poking holes in the pattern beforehand makes all the difference in the world, let me tell you!

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