Saturday, September 12, 2009


After more than a year in our new-old house, I'm finally starting the blog I've been procrastinating to chart my husband and my progress making our house our own.
A little about the house: My mother-in-law sent me the link to the real estate listing

while I was at work. As soon as I saw the big front porch, I knew I would love it. As soon as my husband and I took a tour, I was sold. The house hadn't been updated since the '70s, and had been on the market for more than a year. But all I saw was potential.
The previous owner had grown up in the house and lived with her husband and three daughters. The daughters grew up, got married and moved out. When the husband died, she moved into a hospice. A few weeks ago, she passed away, sadly. I wished I had met her, although I would never have wanted her to see what we had done to her house...
A little about us: My husband, Lenny, and I had been living with his parents, saving up for a

house while we were engaged. The night we decided to make an offer on the house (the same day we saw it), my husband looked at me and asked, "Is this the house you want? Because I want to give you the home you love." I looked back at him and said, "I want that house. I am in love with that house. I want start our lives in that house." Within weeks, the piles of paperwork were filled out, the negotiations were made, and the house was ours.
It took another few weeks for the house to be functional enough to move in. But we worked tirelessly (with the help of what we called "Up Juice"-energy drink). We moved in the week before we were married. But it will always be a work-in-progress...kind of like marriage, I've heard.

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