Monday, September 20, 2010

A Living Room I Love Living In!

And finally, the "accent" wall had to go. I, unfortunately, picked such a light blue color that it was washed out during the day. So, I decided to go bold. I actually picked the *middle* color on the paint chip. (Gasp!)

Oh, and here's the link to the original Living Room when we moved in: LINK

Even though the husband was convinced that "Courtyard Shadow" was gray, I knew he would love it once out living room was one solid color. And I was right!

Oh! And because my MIL was as sick of seeing all the TV wires as I was, she came to the door with this!
The first thing my cat had to do was make a little garden apartment for himself on the bottom shelf.

See my record player and lamp that came with the house? Well, I'm just glad I finally found a paint color that made me not mind the husband's favorite lamp so much.

Oh! And remember the hooks I made months ago? Well I finally hung it on the wall! And, get this, I hung keys on it!

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