Sunday, October 11, 2009

Best. Product. Ever!

OK, maybe not ever, as I've said the same thing about Mod Podge, acrylic sealer and scrap booking paper at one time or another. But I did splurge on the product many other craft and home blogs I follow have recommended: Chalkboard Paint.

The fronts of our ironing board-turned-spice-cabinets were looking a little plain, just painted white, like the trim. I kept thinking of adding grape stenciling to them, but I couldn't commit to it. Somehow I found it easier to commit to matte black? I dunno...maybe it was the invitation to relive early elementary school memories of drawing designs on the chalkboard before classes, except this time, they wouldn't be erased by a teacher.

Ahh, look at that blank canvas.

I've noticed that when I'm taping before painting, I finally get the knack of it for the last few pieces of tape. Oh well...I think it's still my least favorite part about painting.

But, even with the tape, I had to touch up the paint a little bit. Oh, it looked terrible when it was wet.

I could barely wait for it to be dry before I went out and got a bucket of chalk and got to work decorating for Halloween, albeit a cheap attempt.

I also "transcribed" a message from Beth, our older cat, who my husband and I feel would rule the world if only she had thumbs.

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