Monday, October 12, 2009

Homemade Halloween Costume

Ever since my mom made my Halloween costumes, I've always wanted to be able to make them. Usually, I don't think of a good costume until a week before Halloween so I don't have time to make one for myself.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when my husband asked me to make him a cape for school. He's a teacher and decided to go as a Math-a-Magician. Get it? Get it? ... It may be only a joke his wife and third graders would appreciate.

So, we went to Joann's. Could you imagine how excited I was that my husband was going to fund my Joann's habit? At least this one time...

Then he picked out stretch velvet for material. I love him, I really do. It's the fabric I ended up hating because I had to line it with fabric without any give.

And, of course, Beth had to investigate.

Really, I just cut a rectangle with a tapered bottom, lined it with cheap prom dress fabric (it was on sale, and, coincidentally, looked like what I wore to my junior prom). Then turned the top over twice and sewed it across to run a ribbon through it to tie around his neck.

Then I used double-sided fusing web to make the numbers by sticking it to remnants of fabric, cutting out the shapes and ironing them on. Oh, another thing I learned about the evil stretch velvet: lowest setting only! Christ, it nearly ruined the bottom of my iron when parts of it first melted.

When the cape was done, I took a few pictures of my husband "flying" around the living room. Unfortunately, he deleted said pictures, so I'll have to get him to pose with the cape tonight...(he's reading over my shoulder as I type, so I'm trying to hint...)

Apparently that didn't work.

But here's the finished product.

And, in my twisted mind, when Buster started playing with it, I imagined his disappointment when he realized he couldn't do math.


Traci said...

Hi Emily, just saw this link on your facebook - LOVE the last line about your cat being unable to do math!

Emily said...

Haha, totally clicked on your name to see if you actually had a Web site named "". However, there was none. Hahaha.