Friday, October 23, 2009

We Interrupt Your Normally Scheduled Blog Post...

So mad about "Project Runway" right now. Nicolas was one of my favorites! He reminded me of one of my friends from college, and I would text him telling him the status of his "gay doppleganger" whenever he did well. Now, I had to text him tonight with the sad news. He, of course, did not care.

OK, not to vent my sadness over PR through this whole post, so I'll talk a little about what I attempted tonight.

I had the ambition tonight to drag one box of winter clothes down and go through them all.

Well, since I rarely throw anything out, I found six things I still want (four of which still fit well, but I always lose weight in the winter, so I'm not concerned). Then, there were two much bigger piles of clothes I didn't like any more and clothes I bought when I was about 50 lbs. lighter.

I don't miss those days: I was the typical broke college student and lived on Diet Coke, Caesar Salads and Ephedra (well, I do miss the Ephedra, I'll admit). But, hey, I graduated college, got a full-time job, started eating full-time again, not to mention I married into an Italian family where the carbs are as plentiful as the love.

(Ooh, look at those hips! Any other woman would probably crop this photo. Me? Nah! I love it! I think those are what some would call "birthin' hips"! Bring it on!)

But, this does leave me with the dilemma of "What the hell can I do with blouses that are too small?" Really, I wanted to figure out a project I could do to repurpose them into clothes I could wear again...that didn't end up looking like a patchwork quilt of random fabrics.

So...after watching a very unfortunate episode of "Project Runway", I still had no ideas. Er, actually, I still have no ideas, I should say. Oh sure, I could make pillows, bags, curtains, table runners, stuff for the house. But these are MY clothes. I want to make something for ME! (Yeah, I'm having an only child moment right now.)

Oh well. If any of my three readers have any ideas, let me know!

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