Friday, October 9, 2009


I think my reason for procrastinating putting up a blog was exhaustion due to the non-stop weekend we had and the late nights the week before and this week I've had at work. But, since I finally have some down time, I can update with the progress we made last weekend!

It's weekends like these that make me wonder how we fit 48 hours in a weekend. Don't get me wrong, I would love to expand the weekend to get even more done.

First, I finally got sick of my unpainted trim in the kitchen.

And I got out my old painting clothes (who am I kidding? It's not like I've ever put them away, honestly. I don't think my husband cares I wear  the paint-stained pants to bed) and got to work. I was surprsed when Lenny and one of our friends joined me. Hell, that trim was painted so fast, I had even more time for another project...

Oh, thank goodness! Much better!

Eventually, we will be getting new windows, so I haven't gone through the annoyance of trying to paint the existing windows we have. That's what the blinds cover, thank goodness.


In between coats, I began making curtains for the kitchen. Have I mentioned I am in love with my grapes and wine theme?

The green fabric is actually made from a cheap flat sheet from Wal-Mart. The green just happens to accent the grape leaves painted on the walls. And the bottoms? Well, (totally giggling with anticipation of telling you), they're dishtowels!

Here's what they looks like on the window...although, I may do some changing around because the other windows are looking a little bland in comparison.

While I was working on the curtains, my husband began taking down the drop ceiling in our bathroom.

And my father-in-law nailed down my countertops! Sorry for exclamation point, but it's very liberating having countertops that no longer move around when I do anything on them.

What we found above the drop deiling was this, which we have to live with for a little while, but the extra six inches that have been added actually really makes a difference in the feel of the space in our bathroom.

Now, this is a very important tool in all of our household endeavors: A kitchen chair we inherited from Lenny's parents. We've used it for everything.

And my final project of the weekend, which I can say my husband gladly helped with, was decorating my window boxes. I found wooden slats at Wal-Mart, which my husband happily spray painted with stone-like spray paint. Our friend and I wrote little tombstone sayings on them, even a few off-color ones ("Billy Mays Here!" and "Michael Jackson Cause This Is Thriller!").

Please forgive the intense need our house has for a good power-washing.

More Halloween decorating and construction is scheduled for this weekend! Not to mention, I just got paid. My weekly trip to Joann's is set to commence as soon as I get out of work!

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