Monday, September 14, 2009

Circle Table

About a year ago, Lenny and I found a $30 corner desk at Christmas Tree Shop. It was  a stain of wood we normally wouldn't buy, but for the price, we figured we'd make an exception. After using it as a TV stand, I rearranged the furniture one night and it became our entrance table. The space underneath is perfect for our shoes and bags to keep out of the way, and it's normally cluttered with mail on a weekly basis now.
Well, in between waiting for something to dry during my Crazy Craft Weekend (as it has now come to be known), I got creative with the Martha Stewart Circle Cutter. Oh, I love that thing, I really do. I used the blade I had been using all weekend, as I figured it was probably starting to get dull anyway and would have to be replaced.
I started making circles on the table itself.
After making the circles, I dabbed a little light blue paint on a paper towel and rubbed it around the circles, then wiped the excess off with a clean paper towel.
And I was left with blue circles all over the table!
I wiped any paint stains on the table with Orange Glow wood cleaner, which seemed to do the trick to get rid of the blue paint outside the circles, leaving the paint inside intact.
I decided I needed more circles, so I repeated the process and ended up with having a table we were "just OK with" to having such a great accent piece.
(Don't mind the mess around the table; quickly following my Crazy Crafting Weekend  was a huge clean before my husband got home from National Guard. I swear, our house isn't normally in shambles to this point.)

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