Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fitting a Circle into a Rectangle

The Circle Weekend Continues!
While waiting to the paint to dry on my Circle Tray, I killed some time by using some spare scrapbooking paper and my Martha Stewart Circle Cutter, which I bought on a whim one day, knowing (hoping) I would use it for living room stuff.
Now, our walls are pretty bare, other than a collage we used as a seating chart at our wedding and the six-picture homage to our cat. Yeah, she's technically our first "baby", so we spoil her.
I cut a piece of paper around the back of the frame.
Then I cut the circle, using the circle cutter.
(Side note: My husband thought this was a Stenograph when he first saw it.)
Finally, I put the picture and the frame back together and loved the result.
Working on the next picture, I wanted to keep more of the picture, so I followed the steps before, but kept the circle scrap I cut out.
I sandwiched the picture between the cutout and the circle, lining the pattern up as best I could. It was convenient the back of the paper had a grid design on it.
After doing one more picture, I felt the need to stop. I didn't want to overdo it with the paper.
Oh, in case you are unfamiliar with cats, they own the house they live in. They may not pay the mortgage, but it is their house. Any changes to their home must be fully investigated...

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