Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Husband Now Regrets Getting Me a Sewing Machine for Christmas

My cousin's wife has a baby shower this weekend five hours away. However, I have a wedding this weekend for two of my very good friends. But I did make a present to send up with my mom.

I used the tutorial from Crap I've Made for Appliqued Tie Onesies, then, seeing as I have four more onesies left in the pack and plenty of fabric, I got a little creative.

I will say, though, I accidentally bought one sided iron-on webbing, so I didn't get a flat look, but I liked the 3D looks I created.

Oh, by the way, they live in Maine. Hence the pun.

This was before I added the buttons.

They're never too young for Puff Paint (and apparently, I will never grow out of using it).

I especially love that I only ironed and sewed the middle of the wings to the onesie, therefore it has a flapping effect. LOVE!

(No, it's not an arrow pointing to the baby's shoulder blade, it's the devil's tale!)

And here they are all together. (Oh, didn't realize my foot was in the picture. Er, um, nevermind the desperate need for a pedicure.)

And, of course, I couldn't get enough of the crafting, so I went a little nuts making the bow and wrapping the gift. (Yes, her name is Emily, too!)

Oh, and the cat enjoyed the process of wrapping the present, of course.

UPDATE: Here's a picture of my cousin's son, Deklan, proudly sporting the onesie!

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