Monday, September 14, 2009

Don't Even Get Me Started on Throw Pillows...

Could someone please explain to me why decorative pillows cost so much? I don't agree with spending more than $6 on a throw pillow, I don't care how well it accents the decor.

I decided to take matters into my own hands. While at the craft store, I purchased some fabric discards that had the blue and brown circles I loved. (About $5 for a bundle of four 12"x18".)

Once I layed out the fabric against the pillow, though, I realized it was a little too short. So I decided to have a flashback to my 8th grade home ec class and make a patchwork pillow.
Using some coordinating fabric ($2  sheets from Wal-Mart, no joke!), I began cutting. Of course, the cat had to investigate.

(Yes, that is the WWE Encyclopedia, which makes an excellent weight when cutting fabric.)

I was kind of worn out after crafting all weekend, I didn't feel like making exact measurements and, instead, folding pieces of fabric into right angles to make squares.

After sewing a row together, I sewed the original fabric with the brown strip, using an iron to flatten out the inner seams.

Following that, I sewed my strip of sewn together squares to the top to add even more length, figuring I would cut it later.

After putting together a make-shift backing out of more brown sheets, I inserted the original pillow inside and squished around the stuffing to even it out. I was very pleased with the result, as I didn't want it to look too patchwork-y, and I loved the geometric aspect of how the squares and stripes turned out.

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